In Berlin I met some great people and visited some interesting bookshops. The super star Kristen Harrison from The Curved House was on hand to show us a local bookshop Shakespeare & Sons. It is run by two lovely people, Roman and Laurel, who bake fresh bagels and things and had a rather big supply of Penguin English Library titles. Its well worth a visit as you could while away hours sitting on the lovely chairs choosing which books to buy.

Then Matthias, who is an editor at Gestalten introduced us to Motto, a bookshop with all sorts of art books, limited editions and a very sweet cat that was dancing on top of all the books, I am unsure if this was allowed or if it was just breaking all the rules.

Obviously the Gestalten Space was a total book fest as well and the exhibition was a real treat as I got my hand on many books that I had only ever met on the internet. Plus they stock all sort of beautifully design goodies. Thanks so much to everyone at Gestalten for being so kind and giving me a brilliant opportunity, it was a real honour.