My Ideal Bookshelf

This was definitely a moment in my career. I was contacted by the supremely talented Jane Mount to take part in a book about books. Jane started the Ideal Bookshelf project in 2007. She paints portraits of people through the spines of their favourite books. Books that changed their lives, books that defined them and books that they read again and again. Jane teamed up with the writer Thessaly La Force to interview all the contributors about their selection. I obliged, the outcome was pretty amazing and unexpected, I ended up hanging out among the pages with a heroine of mine Patti Smith, probably the closest I will ever get to saying hi. It is strange to be in such high company and even though I feel like it was a bit of a coup, now I am there I am quite happy to quietly stay put. Check out the book here, and below the image of the cover is my shelf very lovingly painted by Jane.