The Fox and the Star

Once there was a Fox who lived in a deep, dense forest. For as long as Fox could remember, his only friend had been Star, who lit the forest paths each night. But then one night Star was not there, and Fox had to face the forest all alone.

A story about love, loss and learning to accept change. The Fox and the Star is my first work as an author/illustrator, spread across 64 highly illustrated pages.

Published in the UK by Particular Books, Penguin Random House
Paperback and Hardback

Published in the US by Penguin Books, Penguin Random House

Published in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese Complex, Chinese Simplified and Japanese.

Exhibited at The William Morris Gallery (2016)
The fascinating story of how this beautifully crafted book was conceived and produced, with original illustrations and rarely seen proofs.

Awards & Commendations:

Waterstones Book of the Year 2015
The Academy Of British Book Design, 2016, winner, children's
De Vos en de Ster, Vlag en Wimpel, 2018, winner, children's 6-12 category
Le renard et l'étoile, 2018, shortlisted for the Prix Sorcières
D&AD 2016, Graphite Pencil
The British Book Design and Production Awards, Children's Trade 9-16 Years, 2016, Winner
The British Book Design and Production Awards, Cover Design, 2016, shortlisted
3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, Best In Show Picture Book Awards, 2016
3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, Gold in Professional Awards, 2016
The World Illustration Awards 2016, shortlisted
V&A Illustration Awards 2016, shortlisted
Oscar's Book Prize 2016, shortlisted
Selected in Time Out’s 100 best children’s books


"A lyrical modern fable of loneliness and belonging ... A delight to hold and behold" - Maria Popova Brain Pickings

“Brilliant . . . a delight." - Philip Pullman

"It's great ... Individual, elegantly and impeccably designed, and with a touching story;
and it's technically and graphically intriguing." - David Gentleman

“A beautiful piece of design coupled with thoughtful prose…[a] masterpiece.” - Newsweek

"Intricate, exquisite... An outstanding gift for five-plus readers"
- Amanda Craig, ‘Picture Book of the Year' New Statesman

"[A] brief, beautiful book about overcoming grief . . . If ever there was a reason to down the Kindle and go back to paper, this is it . . . An object of sheer gorgeousness . . . Every page is visually stunning, bringing her fable to life . . . It would, I think, act as a wonderful salve to anyone of any age who has experienced love and loss” 
- Alex O’Connell The Times

"The Fox and the Star is not a Christmas book, but it does have a Christmas feel and, with its decorative clothbound cover, makes a per­fect gift. The design and drawing are so beautifully considered that I would like to frame each page” - Lauren Child, Guardian ‘Books of the Year’

“Colourful, substantial and something to keep forever" - Stylist

"[The Fox and the Star] has the mood of a classic fable" - Telegraph

"[This] beautifully illustrated picture book contains a moving message about love, loss and learning
to accept change" - Marie Claire

“The most physically beautiful book I had the pleasure of holding in my hands in 2015…Really, The Fox and the Star is an art book, a chance for the abundantly talented Bickford-Smith—best-known for designing the crave-worthy Penguin hardcover classics—to create an entire book from scratch. The simple story of a young fox who loses his best friend only to discover a whole new world makes a sweet premise, but the main attraction is Bickford-Smith’s masterful exercise of the book designer’s craft.” -
“What keeps the pages turning is the remarkable illustrations, which shift from spread to spread…
It’s a spectacular show of friendship’s power to change and fill lives.” - Boston Globe
“A delightful surprise for fairy tale lovers of all ages.” - Parade
“Book designer Coralie Bickford-Smith has created a volume that's as close to a work of art as anything mass-produced can be…It's a quiet allegory made perfect by exquisite, pattern-based illustrations printed on heavy paper. While older children will be mesmerized, ‘The Fox and the Star’ is for readers of any age who appreciate sophisticated visuals. Grade: A+” - Cleveland Plain Dealer
“One of the most beautiful kids books in recent memory.” - St. Louis Post-Dispatch
“An unusual, pleasantly old-fashioned… gorgeous production value and moving illustrations.” - Booklist